Armstrong Auditorium

Armstrong Auditorium is one of America’s finest performing arts venues.

Our annual concert series features some of the most talented artists in the world, and the auditorium itself is an experience for the senses.

Get the 360-degree tour.

Hear It.

Patrons often comment on the exceptional acoustic quality in our hall, and for good reason. The ratio comparing the hall’s volume to each seat is more ideal in Armstrong Auditorium than in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, Boston’s Symphony Hall or Vienna’s Musikverein – the three world standards engineers use to measure acoustic quality.

• Designed and constructed for the finest acoustic projection and balance

• Clear, natural, unplugged tones – most concerts don’t use microphones or speakers

• An extremely low nine-millisecond “initial time-delay gap”

Armstrong Auditorium is where art meets auditory science. Experience it for yourself.

See It.

We have carefully selected the finest decor available to enhance Oklahoma’s finest performing arts experience.

• Swarovski STRASS crystal-trimmed chandeliers

• Baccarat crystal candelabras

• American cherrywood veneers

• Spanish marble

• Azerbaijani onyx