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Ambassador Meir Shlomo

Consul General of Israel
The Israel-Arab Relationship
Thursday, February 27, 2014, at 2:00 PM

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Consul General of Israel to the SW

EDMOND—Ambassador Meir Shlomo, the consul general of Israel to the southwest United States, visited the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College on February 27, delivering a short speech about his country’s relationship with its neighboring Arab states and other nations. He also viewed the Seals of Jeremiah’s Captors Discovered exhibit.

Ambassador Shlomo and his political affairs officer arrived at the auditorium lobby ahead of his early afternoon address and toured its archaeological exhibit, which includes first temple-period artifacts on loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The ambassador talked about Israel’s perilous relationship with Arab nations in the region, with Israelis suffering Saddam Hussein’s missiles in the 1990 Gulf War, and Hamas’s missiles from the Gaza Strip today. He also focused on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, saying that world powers should take the “Can you sleep at night?” test to determine whether they should allow Iran to continue enriching fissile material, as November’s Geneva negotiations permit. He said the Islamic Republic’s track record has been to spread terror, and its leadership has spelled out its intent for the future: “to wipe Israel off the map.”

Ambassador Shlomo also talked for a couple of minutes about Israel’s thriving economy and its high-tech exports, as well as its improving diplomatic relations with eastern nations and European nations. Afterward, he took a few questions from the audience about Israel’s relationship with the United States and other nations.