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Flurry Gerald

Gerald Flurry

Founder and Chairman
Flurry Steven

Stephen Flurry

Vice President, Western Hemisphere
Turgeon Wayne

Wayne Turgeon

Vice President, Eastern Hemisphere
Malone Ryan

Ryan Malone

Program Director

Front of House

Granger Shane

Shane Granger

House Manager
Hensley Jason

Jason Hensley

Concessions Manager

Back of House

Culpepper Douglas

Douglas Culpepper

Stage Manager
Jenkins Mark

Mark Jenkins

Production Manager


Locher Andrew

Andrew Locher

Technical Director
Falk Dwight

Dwight Falk

Video Manager
Tauer Benjamin

Benjamin Tauer

Audio Manager
Crawford Bailey

Bailey Crawford

Lighting Manager


Cocomise Jason

Jason Cocomise

Food Services Manager
Brandon Jessica

Jessica Brandon


Special Services

Heerma Wik

Wik Heerma

Photography Manager
Zoellner Reese

Reese Zoellner

Lugo Travis

Travis Lugo

Safety Manager